#asterisk - Thu 3 May 2007 between 00:01 and 00:19

anyone know which settings change the date/time format on a polycom phone?
I'm guessing it's sip.cfg, but can't make heads or tails of which does what
l2cacheI have a box that can make calls successfully using g729. Because i have the format_g729 module in usr/lib/asterisk/modules. Why isn't background(filename.g729) playing back?
justdavelook for the SNTP tag
LeddyHMthat changes location on the screen?
shido6LEddyHM i think its in ipmid.cfg
justdaveoh, sorry, I thought you meant setting the time, didn't realize you meant how to display it
yes has "Top"
in there
what does lcl.datetime.date.dateBottom="1" do?
l2cacheany takers?
justdaveg729 is a licensed codec, isn't it? do you have a license?
".g729 ?
l2cachenot the open source on...i am only using passthrough
LeddyHMI have myt date at the bottom, and datetop says 1
shido6is that the suffix?
justdavepassthrough works without a license.
shido6dont include the suffix
l2cachegood tip..(trying now) :)
shido6the original filename should have one
shido6but in the dialplan u dont use it with background or playback
justdaveLeddyHM: if you have the manual for the Polycom phones it on page 83
there is no dateBottom
dateTop is 1 for date above the time, 0 for time above the date
supposed I should clarify, I'm looking at the manual for IP501 :) not sure they're all the same
guess it is, it says "SoundPoint/SoundStation IP SIP" on the front cover, no model number
l2cacheeverytime i try to do a playback it says unable to open "filename" does not exist in any format
and i know its in the right dir

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