#asterisk - Sat 19 May 2007 between 00:18 and 01:22

does the asterisk-1.4 supportted mp3 format when musiconhold?
Maxxeddamn, im trying to upgrade a 7940 cisco to a sip image
its not picking up the files
well, it picked up the OS79XX.TXT, SEP<MAC>.cnf.xml, and XMLDefault.cnf.xml
i forget what kinda trick is done to get it to pick the old bin up
i have some of these real old bin's
i remember there being something diffrent you do to the OS79XX.TXT
i just cant remember what
maybe my permisions r hosed..
hum.. brb
ah thats what it looks like, ok i see the 19 RRQ "OS79XX.TXT" octet
but i dont actualy see the file transfer with tcpdump
bah, il be back in a few im gona go eat
i needa clear mind here, i know its something stupid :p
tengulreMaxxed: Nobody here!
today is sat.
kiscokidlet me look at my Cisco setup
seems like the name of the bin has to be in OS79XX.TXT and SIPDefault.cnf
lee_is_medoes anyone have a kavorkian apparatus available? I think I would rather drink HCL before banging my head against the wall with this TDM card any longer...
it's literally driving me nuts :)
I keep getting this error: ZT_CHANCONFIG failed on channel 3: No such device or address (6)
mostylee_is_me, is the module in correctly?
lee_is_meI believe it is. I can try and pull it and check it for the 20th time today ;)
maybe the card is not any good...
what the heck, let me power down the pc and check it again...
<I have had the absolute worst luck with pc's for this customer>
both modules (3 and 4) seem to be nicely seated on the card...
here is my info, btw ===> http://www.pastebin.ca/496145
TKD-Fender was helping me, but I had to reinstall linux which took a while...
on boot up, i get "no functioning hardware in /proc/zaptel" or something to that effect (scrolls too fast to be exact)....
kiscokidyou can see it with the dmesg command
sounds like the kernel is not seeing the card
lee_is_mekiscokid: it's a lot of output and I'm still fairly new to linux. Pastebin is here: http://www.pastebin.ca/496145
lspci sees the card
i just moved the modules to 1-2 from 3-4 and am trying that...
after moving the modules, i get a different error where it thinks i am using the the wrong interface
i'm going to add my zaptel.conf to that pastebin now...
I just modified the pastebin to include my zaptel.conf ===> http://www.pastebin.ca/496192

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