#asterisk - Fri 18 May 2007 between 03:14 and 00:17

JoelSolankihi all
is chanspy stable ?
NEURALWINDhansin321 u still there
nitrus^does anyone know if a gentoo ebuild is available for 1.4? im trying to figure out the best configure options for building and i'd rather use an ebuild if there is one
JTwhat sort of configure options?
nitrus^prefix, paths, and other options like optional packages
JTnot sure, i don't use gentoo
luckyonesomething like [provider] include => provider-out include => provider-in
then have [provider] be the default context for a phone I wish to use those?
luckyonePutzz: was that to me?
Putzzyes sir
luckyonePutzz: I am trying to get my sip softphone to make my first real asterisk call!
why not just make [provider-outgoing] for all outgoing calls
and [provider-incoming]
for all incoming numbers?
luckyoneok, I have both of those
so make the call
luckyonethey are just called [inbound] and [outbound]
Downchucki'm using openser and asterisk, and trying to figure out how to proxy the rtp data correctly. Any great suggestions? I'm behind a NAT at home, and it's killing the audio
luckyonePutzz: I don't think I have the SIP device configured correctly
Downchuckopened up 5060, 8k-20k on the openser/asterisk server
Putzzluckyone: what "sip device" are you using?
luckyoneTwinkle on this machine
Putzz: would you mind if I PM'd?
actionDownchuck is watching
Downchuckis watching
Putzzluckyone: we are really all here to learn/share. why not share with everyone else? ;-)
luckyoneI don't want to spam channel if you are willing to look a sip.conf and ext.conf
Downchucki know i'm here to share
luckyoneI am more than happy to!
jbotextra, extra, read all about it, pb is a place to paste your stuff without flooding the channel - try http://pastebin.ca, or http://channels.debian.net/paste
actionluckyone knows and loves pastebin
luckyoneknows and loves pastebin
Putzz: check out http://pastebin.ca/494045 to view a pretty close representation to my ext.conf and sip.conf
so whats the prob?

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