#asterisk - Wed 16 May 2007 between 23:15 and 23:25

at least the pages i read
i may not have been looking in the right place
i just learned about callweaver today in my fax search
Strom_MPioneerVM2: you've got the TA already; just get an ITSP and you're set
PioneerVM2Not familiar with TA and ITSP terms
Strom_Mterminal adapter
internet telephony service provider
JTyeah i don't think there's anything like "keep doing this until the error stops" normally
PioneerVM2yea i need to install asterisk 1.4.x though right?
it was some wiki page for installing on debian
JTor cw
PioneerVM2you had to keep hunting for packages or something until it didnt yell at you anymore
i guess installing asterisk 1.4 wouldnt be too hard, i did an apt-get on debian for 1.2
but building 1.4 shouldnt be a big deal
any suggestions on providers that support T.38?
Strom_MPioneerVM2: IIRC bandwidth.com says they do T.38
PioneerVM2yea i talked with them but they have this year signup thing
maybe ill check if agn offers it
voicepulse does not
Strom_Mhey, what do you know
google tells me:
JTPioneerVM2: usually it's recommended to compile asterisk from source anyway
PioneerVM2was jhust trying that thx
yea i wanted to test it out
it was easy way to test it
took like 3 mins to install, i went from zero to working line in about 1.5 hours including signing up with voicepulse
anyone here play with IAX vs. SIP for providers?
Iwas using IAX with VoicePulse but found that SIP worked much cleaner (audio)
is that just an issue with them or common for IAX
Strom_Mprobably an isolated issue
I use IAX all the time and it's fantastic
sandorpI finally managed to get my system to recognize my new TDM808 ... but now "zap show status" shows "UNCONFIGUR" under Alarms
PioneerVM2oh cool agn supports T.38 for non-800 DIDs
sandorpwhat do I do to clear the Alarms?
PioneerVM2ok i gotta run, nice talking to you all thx
Strom_Msandorp: you know, digium /does/ offer free install support on that card ;)

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