#asterisk - Tue 15 May 2007 between 19:39 and 19:53

Mercestesall my calls ring to congestion/all circuits busy. ....it's my own internal PRI. It can't be busy. :(
kink0Mercestes, codec problem ?
Strom_Mkink0: ok, but you just said you have four PRIs
kink0Strom_M, well, there 4 PRI per box
Strom_Mso I'm asking you if you've narrowed it down to problems on a single PRI, or whether it's a problem that seems to be unrelated to the number of PRIs in use
kink0is unrelated
I tryed setting only one , two or the 3 PRI on the group
Strom_Mso if you place a call out PRI number one followed immediately by a call out PRI number two, the call out PRI number two gets rejected?
kink0both rejected with 47
and the PRIs are idle at that point?
kink0when there low CPS, calls passed.. then goes about 50 or 70 channels in use in the group
but here, when more calls arrives, then 47
yes !! there much PRI channels idle
Strom_Mcall the telco and ask if they're rate-limiting your calls
which telco is it?
Mercesteskink0, it's a pri to pri call. Direct pri. how can it be a codec problem? :(
kink0France Telecom
Mercestes, then would be signalling or timing in your PRI, or may be you forgot enable ulaw/alaw
.....does pri use ulaw/alaw?
Mercesteswell, these configs worked previously. I'm on my emergency server. I don't think it's a codec issue.
I can make sip calls
and pri calls on span 1
could you maybe give me a definitive answer.
kink0do you pass calls SIP->Zap in only one span ?
MercestesI go from Sip Phone to PRI 1, and I accept faxes from PRI 1 directly to PRI 2 which runs to a brooktrout faxboard in a fax server.
The transition from PRI 1 to PRI 2 is giving me congested.
kink0did you try pri intense debug span x ?
kombigot asterisk installed and an AVM fritz card stuck in, what next?
Qwell[]start it
Qwell[]type 'asterisk'
then, read...
kombiasterisk you mean, started it is..
jboti heard book is a book called Asterisk: The Future of Telephony which is found at http://www.asteriskdocs.org/modules/tinycontent/index.php?id=11

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