#asterisk - Mon 14 May 2007 between 00:02 and 02:27

demlakdoes this produce some output on your system? voicemail.conf "mailcmd=echo > /dev/console command\:"
volospinAnybody uses Gentoo to install Asterisk?
idovolospin: i do
is anyone here using openwrt and asterisk 1.2.14?
Qwellbrimstone: what did you do? :(
brimstonewasn't me!
actionbrimstone points at o'brookshireson
brimstonepoints at o'brookshireson
volospinido, I just install Gentoo 2007.0 and 1.2.17. Are there any GUI or webmin interface or I need to stick with ssh?
ehh... sorry...
wunderkinido, i think i am for one client...but i am trying to switch to openser now..
bsd_techhow goes zaptel on 64 bit
I have heard it copiles but does not work to it does not compile
or it compiles and is very flaky
sbingnerthat's strange, but you could always just run it on a 32-bit kernel if it is
demlakany idea on this? http://rafb.net/p/bvUdf426.html
JuggieBSD_tech, zaptel runs perfect on 64bit kernel
d4rkst4r75hi to all
can someone give me an hint?
JThint: today will be filled with new opportunities
d4rkst4r75thank you JT: now I feel better ;)
i want to ask a thing about asterisk-gui
i tried to download the cvs version and noticed that it has only basic configuration while the cfgadvanced is missing
d4rkst4r75i'll give a try fakhir
another thing: i noticed that asterisk-gui miss the support for zap devices
is this true or i've not seen something?
fakhirit does
but dont think it has a tab
d4rkst4r75fakhir, thank you.
fakhir:) no problem
d4rkst4r75I think that the best way to configure asterisk is from the command line
fakhiryeah probably is (at least at this point)
d4rkst4r75but searching a way to let other sys admin to manage * without modify .conf files by hand
fakhir, what's the best GUI for * ?
fakhiri have only ever used the digium gui
JTyeah console is best :)
d4rkst4r75yes JT ;)

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