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[TK]D-FenderZipper_32, pastebin "dmesg"
Zipper_32dmesg: http://pastebin.ca/481914
Oddly enough, I'm getting this error now: http://pastebin.ca/481915
_anand_Any experiences on interfacing an Asterisk system with Avaya Call Manager 2.0 based systems?
apturax100p installed
Math`last time I heard someone trying to interface with avaya hardware the avaya system fried a cisco gateway
[TK]D-Fenderyeah I saw that
Math`the cisco wasnt plugged in and the leds were turning on and off then bang, no more
[TK]D-FenderZipper_32, looks like you have an X100P + TDM400P
Zipper_32, Your X100P seems to initialize first, so you should have 1-4 = FXO, 5 = FXS
apturaMath, that sounds like a serios Impedence mismatch causing the tx line finles to go.
Math`aptura: I just heard the story, didnt play with it
apturaI wonder if that is a common issue among competing pbx equipment or not.
Zipper_32I'll get rid of that x100p,
Math`kinda hard competition...
Zipper_32I didn't even realize it would initialize first. Thanks.
Math`a buddy of mine bought an x100p and sometimes he has to change pci slot for it to be recognized lol
TondHi is there a way that i can pull a value from MySQL db right in the dialplan? Or must I write a PHP and call it using AGI?
_anand_E1 trunking remains a possibility. We tried with interfacing through FXO/FXS, but traffic was one way
apturaMath I know it sounds really odd but its very possible both equipments fxo/fxs channls impedence bridges are not following standards. To much of a load imbalance and the heat generated can fry the front end electronics.
Zipper_32.So it's dmesg that shows me that the x100p initializes first?
Wow... it's all working now. Thanks [TK]D-Fender and aptura, =)
I can't believe that oversight
apturaI have seen a extreem case of final overheating on a ICOM tranciver once when something caused a ballanced line to become unbalanced and all the discreate smt's around the final slid off the circuit board when the finals overheated.
pabs3is there a shorter way of writing Goto(${MACRO_CONTEXT},${MACRO_EXTENSION},${MACRO_PRIORITY}) ?
Pop() or something?
JTpabs3: how did you find those patterns i sent?
pabs3very handy, thanks :)
netcrusher88how does one use the ${EXTEN} var to get the entire extension?
TondI have a MySQL table with a list of allowed caller IDs. Now what I need to know if that how I can connect to that table and retreive the info from the Dial Plan? What is the best way of approaching this. (I have Asterisk 1.4.4 and I can do this manualy in the dial plan, just need to make it dynamic by connecting it to a DB)
JTi derived some of the less obvious patterns (like exactly what all the regional number ranges were) by reading the federal dialplan from ComLaw
[TK]D-FenderTond, "core show function ODBC"
TondThanks.. Is there also a MySQL one? Just like the Asterisk Realtime where I get a choice between ODBC and MySQL ?
[TK]D-Fender> "core show function ODBC" doesn't return anything.. Do I need to load the module or something? and I remember reading somweher that using both ODBC and MySQL for realtime can cause issues... is that true?
[TK]D-FenderTond, I'm betting you didn't have UnxiODBC installed when you compiled *. Go set that up now and rebuild
NuggetYou should use ODBC so that when you later discover how crappy MySQL is it will be less painful to migrate to something better. :)
Tond[TK]D-Fender> probably not, because i wan't planning on using ODBC. But is it reliable to use with Asterisk?
TondNugget> What do u recommend then? If I need to retrieve my sip-peers and CDRs from a Databse, what should i use?

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