#asterisk - Tue 1 May 2007 between 04:46 and 05:14

totalimpact8ya - its in /etc/sysconfig/zapata:
i want to know the ACTUAL order they're loaded in
check dmesg
carrarwanna see something funny?
totalimpact8i can watch it if i do a service zaptel restart - wct4xxp loads first
grndslmso what's the best codec? g.711 g.729 aix?
in terms of getting the best quality w/ least amount of bandwidth
prolly not aix, eh?
carrargrndslm: http://www.google.com/trends?q=g.711%2Cg.729&ctab=1&geo=all&date=all
looks like g.711
grndslmthat's definitely the closest trends chart 've ever seen
JTgrndslm: g.711 is the best, but uses the most bandwidth
totalimpact8JT http://paste.uni.cc/14971 dmsg
sorry - looks like it flew out of the buffer
grndslmJT: i heard that aix could sound better but *it* used the most bandwidth
JTaix is an OS, i think you mean something else
totalimpact8iax - for trunking a bunch of channels
JTiax is just a voip protocol
mkv-app_curl.so doesnt build under netbsd4beta2.
JTit does not specify codecs
mkv-Any suggesstions what I should do?
JTlike sip, you can choose from a whole bunch
FlatFootmorning all
mostygrndslm: g729 for low bandwidth reasonable quality, failing that gsm
FlatFootgot a daft question can't remember the name of the software to run to show the state of the pri card
anyone answer that ?
FlatFootJT ta muchly
had a major hard drive death last night
been up tooooo long trying to get the damn thing going again
jt can i bother you please ?
JTwhat's the question?
FlatFoothave reinstalled our * but ...
when trying to get the pri card running we get

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