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jqlany advice on what headset to get (or not) for a polycom 501?
ManxPowerI never thought I'd say this, but I'm starting to hate analog lines
I have a 500hz - 650Hz hum (it fluctuates)
do you have the signal some kind of scope ?
ManxPowerYes, a Sage Instruments 930A (it is a test set for phone lines)
apturajql plantronics
ManxPowerThe hum is at about -49db
apturapretty low
ManxPowerBought it for like $50 off of ebay
aptura: yes but users are still complaining
I need to test it at the demarc and see if I still have it.
We are 11 miles from the CO, but about 2 - 3 miles from this site is a SLIC96 between us and the CO
apturaI have taken a couple years of electronics and cannot think of what discreet electronic componets would produce 500 hz unless it is a multiple of the fundemental frequency. Harmonics! :)
ManxPowerI suspect it is a harmonic of 60Hz
apturaIt could be some harmonics not being filtered out.
If there are electrolitic capacitors in the circuit thay could be getting dry and not working right but would not know what else it could be. Perhaps poor shielding from a harmonic source.
Actually it could not be electrolytic it would be disk capacitor.
ManxPowerBell corrected a "ground fault" on one of the lines.
[TK]D-Fenderjql, Plantronics M12 amplifier & H261 binaural polaris headset
apturatiny disk capacitors are used between ground and branches in circuits mostly.
so what was the result?
I once worked at Fluke some of there network/telco test gear was in the sub 15-20k rang for the upper end hand sets.
ManxPowerwell that was fun.
the result was no hum when I listened to the line, but that was on a butt set, not a real phone
I get the same hum, but at about -62db at the demarc
apturabutt set is one of those orange test phones?
ManxPoweron the 2nd line I get a 120hz - 190hz at -59db
apturaanything at 180?
120 I can understand but 190?
Manx looks like something I used 15 years ago but for Avionics.
The sage is not something you normally lug around
ManxPowerno it isn't
on hook it is around 80hz at -50db or so

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