#asterisk - Tue 3 Apr 2007 between 00:00 and 00:38

noli_rdlynes_laptop: thanks a lot
dlynes_laptop: Ill try it there
dlynes_laptopnoli_r: openpbx is relatively stable, though
noli_r: but good luck at this point in time trying to get it work on anything other than linux
noli_rdlynes_laptop: Im using linux so if it works on linux then there is no problem
dlynes_laptopnoli_r: yeah..biggest problem is sqlite's build process is dependent on the lemon parser, and the lemon parser build process is completely unstable on anything other than linux
I've gotta run
talk to ya later
noli_rdlynes_laptop: thanks
drfreezeDoes * have a free voice recognition option?
hedge77is there a better .ael vim syntax file than the "normal" .conf one at voip-info?
fr0z3nhello everyone.... has anyone here gotten asterisk + LCS 2005 to work?
Hmmhesayshaha I just figured out the harmonics on guitar for the opening notes in star trek
fr0z3nanyone anyone?
hedge77i think everybody is watching basketball or something
Hmmhesaysi'm playing guitar
red9012how can I customize the playbacks of directory apps?
Hmmhesaysnot very easily
red9012My system needs to be bilingual. so I need to have two version of directory instructions concurrently.
JTHmmhesays: Playtones() :P
Hmmhesaysdefine directory apps? if you are not talking about app_directory
hedge77isn't there a way to specify languages and have it automatically switch sound files?
red9012directory() cmd
Hmmhesaysok, you pick the language before you call app_directory
hedge77isn't it Set(LANGUAGE=blah);?
red9012ok, and what would that do? where would I put the second language audio files?
Hmmhesaysyou put them in a subdirectory ${LANGUAGE}
paypal me a fiddy and I'll give you a full working example ;)
hedge77i think the demo is multi-language if you still have the sample config files
hrmphhany idea why its recommended to start extensions with like 6 or 7? seems rather arbitrary to me
hedge77somewhere in one of the GUI's I tink
Qwellhrmphh: convention
2-4 are uncommon, 5 is fairly common, 6-7 is very common, 8 is very uncommon
hrmphhnah its either in the ora book or some config sample
hedge77I have 4 digit extensions starting with 3 that get mapped to 3-digits when you dial them since that is the way it was previously
Qwell1, 9, and 0...well, yeah

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