#asterisk - Sun 29 Apr 2007 between 00:28 and 01:49

jazzanovaif i change a config file, do i always have to restart ?
tzafrir_laptopjazzanova, you usually have to reload
whatconfig file have yu changed?
tzafrir_laptop'reload' or even just 'extensions reload'
jazzanovaok, thanks.
sometimes, when aserisk calls the sound is choppy
or have noise.
sometimes its fine.
its playing the same message.gsm
is this because of server load ?
i have recorded voicemail, using the [demo].
where did it get stored ?
i want that file.
dc3aesi came to my box the other day and asterisk was using 99% cpu (max) so I had to kill it as a precaution for hte other services on that machine but it had prior been running just fine and now its been up 2 days and it is only using a few % (800mhz test box).. next time it goes berzerk is there anything I should do to see what is causing the lockup? e.g. console command to check modules, etc.. thx
(its a pure voip box, no zaptel/other hardware involved)
d3waynejazzanova: try /var/lib/asterisk/sounds
jazzanovathanks, found it
idodc3aes: consider writing a wrapper/daemon to monitor asterisk
actionjazzanova is amazed by asterisk.
jazzanovais amazed by asterisk.
asteriskguyhello all
shmaltzasteriskguy, hi
ManxPowerdc3aes: upgrade to the latest update to 1.2 or 1.4 (whatever you are currently using)
pkunkraanyone try out a trixbox yet?
mostypkunkra, see the /topic
jbotTrixbox is a full linux distro that includes , FreePBX, and other 3rd party add-ons. It is these things on top of which make it seriously painful to support and hence you will find little help here for it. Try asking in #trixbox , or their forums & WIKI at http://www.trixbox.org
pkunkrawell, i wasn't asking for trixbox help. :-)
mostypkunkra, no prob. you will have better luck in there, that's all
i suppose if i went in there and said "hey, how do you like your trixbox?" they might have something to say about it. :-)
jazzanovahow do I prompt a user to press 1 or 2 ?
mostyjazzanova, Background, or Read

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