#asterisk - Fri 27 Apr 2007 between 02:37 and 02:46

blitzrageor www.infolink.com
Rahailany other
[TK]D-FenderRahail, CentOS = RHEL. God know why they won't install it.... Other good options : Slackware, Debian, Mandriva. Avoid packaged * however. Always compile from source.
blitzrageif they won't install it, it's probably because they have no idea how
VioBytepackages are a mess.
alrs_[TK]D-Fender Why avoid packaged *?
Rahailblitzrage or other
blitzrageit'll always be behind
Rahailis there way I can install centos
alrs_Behind is fine
Rahailon that same sytem
blitzragesure -- put the CD in the CDROM and install :)
VioByteintend to install one thing and urpmi or rpm installs more usless shit then you really need or want
data center is about 2k mile way from me
blitzrageor else you need like a console access to the box and install from PXE
alrs_VioByte I can't speak for those, but the 1.2 debs in Etch work great.
VioBytei do source :)
[TK]D-Fenderalrs_, 1.2.WHAT :)
blitzragecompiling Asterisk isn't that hard
VioByteunless its KDE and even thats hell with rpm's
alrs_I ran Slackware in the 90s
[TK]D-Fendercompiling * = dead easy
alrs_I don't find compiling hard, I just really like good package management
[TK]D-Fenderalrs_, I was running Slak primarily up until 1 month ago.
alrs_and if someone is just starting out with * there's no reason to muck about compiling everything
you already have to compile the zaptel modules in Debian, which is bad enough
VioByteMandriva(Mandrake) was based off of Red Hat back in the day
now dell installs Mandriva on desktops and laptops :)
and redhat on server still (i think)
alrs_I remember when Mandrake was around. I didn't like RH to begin with,so I never tried it out.
[TK]D-Fenderalrs_, compiling = 3 little steps. Deal with it :)
alrs_, And with any install of Slack / CentOS I've done the only thing I needed to compiled was *
alrs_[TK]D-Fender I think you're missing my point. My point isn't that ./configure && make && make install is difficult
VioBytethey changed from Mandrake to Mandriva due to some cartoon's name being Mandrake the Wizzard
there was a lawsuit about it

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