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actionshmaltz settled on this one:
shmaltzsettled on this one:
Snake-EyesWhen a sip code 200 (success) is sent, does that mean the call would be considered "connected" by User Agent ?
shmaltzquick vote:
J4k3painfully expensive, but you gotta pay to play...
shmaltzthis one:
or this one:
J4k3, this is for a ambulance dispatching system, it has to be expensive :P
J4k3I would not buy a via chipset for an intel cpu
I mean... Intel makes the best chipsets on earth
well, except for serverworks, which is basically like saying "that warehouse behind Intel"
shmaltzJ4k3, but I am going to use it with Digium cards, and in my experience Asus mobo are better for that
J4k3so the 965 wins
shmaltzJ4k3, what is serverworks?
J4k3I wouldn't buy an Intel branded 965 board
Serverworks is another manufacturer of chipsets, but they're generally priced pretty high.
flewiddoes anyone know if there's a service to tell me what type of nat i'm behind?
JTshmaltz: what sort of digium card?
shmaltzJT, single span T1
JTi see
shmaltzJ4k3, why not 965?
JT, why?
JTas if you'd go asus for something possibly supporting life-preservation operations
like J4k3 said, intel chipsets...
J4k3shmaltz: I'd get an 965 board, but not an actual intel-branded motherboard.
JTdecent server brands
shmaltzJT, don't worry there is a backup system
JT, like?
J4k3I'd likely get an Asus P2B (the new one) ;)
JTshmaltz: supermicro
kiscokidwhat's wrong with intel branded mboards?
drfreezeI'm looking for VoIP providers with a good reputation for quality and service. Any suggestions?
actionshmaltz is looking at supermicro mobos
shmaltzis looking at supermicro mobos
drfreeze, nufone.net
JTtyan are also not that bad
drfreezeshmaltz: you use them?

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