#asterisk - Wed 25 Apr 2007 between 02:02 and 02:07

asteriskguyI'd be happy if I can just restore service with in seconds or minutes.
sweeperkavit: openser, and rtp redirect~
maybe rtp proxy as well
JTkavit: you need 2 systems parallel processing everything
kavitJT: i thought that would be the case
sweeperalthough that won't really solve the problem
because the openser server could go down...
SwKyou know they do make lock-step CPU servers that solve all that problem
sweeperbut maybe you could do some voodoo
SwKso if one cpu goes out the other just takes over
kavitCisco refused to support it with callmanager
JTi'm aware
telcos use them
JTbut that only protects against cpu failure
sweeperis cpu death really that common? :/
SwKjt: actually it protects again CPU, ram and several other failures
sweeperI think you'll find RAID controller death, and RAM death to be the biggest killers
kavitSweeper: disaster recovery isnt about it actually happening.... it is about the possibility of it happening
SwKhowever real telco equipment just detects a failure and moves it to a different media path
sweeperwell, power first, but that's easy
JTSwK: sure, but i assume the systems are right next to each other, what if the place catches fire?
sweeperkavit: how often is the cpu gonna die and it not be the whole server?
SwKjt: theres full redundany, and then theres reasonable redundancy
sweeperSwK: multi-home/multi-NOC is well within reasonable
kavitSweeper: sure but people have money to burn... so why not
SwKits like security... sure I can make build a system thats completely impossible to hack, but it would be completely useless
JTSweeper: on some telco equipment, 1 cpu card handles tens of thousands of concurrent calls, they can't afford it to go down
sweeperkavit: because you might as well spend that money on something that will actually be effective?
kavitI have worked with Nortel VPS/MPS and Oscar Systems
SwKsweeper: do you realize what a single DS3 port on real telco hardware costs?
kavitSweeper: they work very well
JTkavit: the financial loss from a major telco switch being down can be over $50k/minute
sweeperSwK: we're talking about asterisk here :P
asterisk != carrier grade
SwKasterisk is a PBX
sweeperbut we're discussing making asterisk moar reliable, are we not?

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