#asterisk - Wed 11 Apr 2007 between 00:20 and 00:36

JTg.723 is also majorly patent encumbered
you can't get software licences to transcode it in asterisk
you can for g.729
threatvoipman, ok
dos000is the asterisk deamon supposed to fork itself when ran from an init script.
i am having troubles trying to start asterisk from an init srcipt in debian
threatdos000, hehe, using safe_asterisk?
dos000threat: no ... i disabled it
blitzrageok... so how the heck do I get this ip501 to read this -directory file?
etfonhomeyWhich directory file?
bsd_techanyone have a working callback request setup ?
blitzragephone reads all the configs fine, but won't show me anything in the Directory list
etfonhomeyShould be in the same directory as your other files.
blitzragethis I know
etfonhomeyDid you check your logs?
blitzrageyah -- logs say nothing about the file... tcpdump confirms it is grabbing it
dos000threat: what diff does it make ? i am supposed to use astsafe by force ?
etfonhomeyMaybe it's a format issue with the xml. Did you try coping the 000000000000-directory~.xml to <mac>-directory.xml?
(on your boot server)
I provisioned the -directory files on a 301 for the first time tonight. It worked without a hitch.
blitrzrage, what protocol are you using?
blitzragetftp on my local network
etfonhomeyThat's how I'm doing it, too.
blitzrageyah... I must have something wrong in the -directory file
its the only thing that makes sense at this point :)
I need to find a default file :)
etfonhomeyI can paste one to a pastebin if you'd like.
blitzragesure, that'd be handy
JTwhy tftp?
etfonhomeyI'm just gonna give you the contents of 000000000000-directory~.xml
blitzragesure thing
JT: just because it was easy locally -- I'll update it to https once it all works
why over complicate things?
JTah ok
iirc polycom recommend ftp
blitzragefuck polycom :)
etfonhomeyblitzrage, http://www.pastebin.ca/433919

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