#asterisk - Wed 7 Mar 2007 between 18:26 and 18:33

JTkippi: no irq sharing, but i think it know what it is
kippi: yes, there is a jumper
kippi: did you set it to E1, not T1?
kippiI know I changed oit
bkruseJT: insmod ./drivername.ko t1e1override=0
kippito mirror my my other card
JTbkruse: ?
kippimaybe they have changed it on the newer card?
JTkippi: ensure that it's actually got E1 selected
kippiok, do u think its that?
maybe your cable needs replacement too
kippiif not will you be around 2morrow?
JTmaybe :)
bkruseJT: thats how you force load t1 mode or e1 mode
its a secret :D
JTbkruse: secrets are useless! :P
bkrusejt: what card?
kippiso i could do that to try it?
bkrusekippi: you can try zttool to see what mode your in
itll say 24 of 32 chanels configured on the span
kippiTotal/Conf/Act: 31/ 31/ 0
bkrusekippi: run zttool and highlight the span
should be automatically highlighted
what does it say in the lower left?
kippi: what card, also?
kippiSpan 1: 31 total channels, 31 configured
bkruseso you want it in e1 right?
rhombusSo, I can forget shared line appearances if I'm running 1.2.16, is that right?
bkruserhombus: yes
its cool though :D
kippi: you want e1 mode right?
bkruseis this just on startup? and what is the te110p up against? (on the other side of the pri)
rhombusbkruse: I guess that's why everybody is talking about BLF in the mailing list
bkruserhombus: :P

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