#asterisk - Tue 6 Mar 2007 between 00:00 and 00:27

Znuffhow the hell do you dial with that sipsak thingie?
PaulTech85You dont
well you could
but I wouldnt
PaulTech85its just a test base
Znuffall I get is sip 501 / not implemented
PaulTech85SIPp may be better
it wont dial either
actually SIPp might
ZnuffI'm trying ./sipsak -s sip:0748881658@
let's get sipp
JT, any other ideas?
get a big fat harris manual out
start reading, and doing stuff on it
Znuffheh :)
wonder if I just slap the old config files over this...
terlouwpeople!! anyone know a good working click2call script for asterisk ? :D
Strom_Cyes, people!! (as opposed to addressing a marauding band of stray cats)
ZnuffI've dialed my phone number _so_ many times that I've started to memorize the DMTF tones
Strom_Cyou mean you haven't already learned to decode DTMF by ear?
ManxPowerEgads! Catch up, Znuff!
ManxPowerHell, Strom_C can whistle DTMF
Strom_Cwoot, yes
Znuffso, JT, having suggested to take out the big harris book, am I guess that my setup is okay-ish? my asterisk setup, I mean
NZhereticThis may be the wrong channel but, does anyone here have recent experience of getting soft modems to work under Linux?
Znuffwow, soft modems
NZhereticYes they suck
Yes I hate them too.
Znuffno buts in here
JTZnuff: seems roughly okay... but depends on the harris

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