#asterisk - Thu 29 Mar 2007 between 11:56 and 12:30

gurstThat is what I was afraid of. hmm, thank you for your answers ...
actiongurst is now busted.
gurstis now busted.
Mercestesgurst: You can use it for a sip relay. I suggest you eliminate transcoding
bsd_techman digium is smoking crack now days
1500 for a mini pci card to transcode
the hard ward does not even cost that much
gurstWell. I will look for transcoding and how to eliminate it, thank you!
JTthere are licences too
[TK]D-Fenderbsd_tech: consider the licensing cost of each channel it can handle and the fact of it being a card that relieves * of the load of so doing. Not crack... maybe Extasy or Weed ;)
bsd_techthey set the fee . it doe snot need to be that high
ok weed maybe
still expensive
fbcitAny idea why when I set CALLERID(name)=somename 'somename' shows up on both phones (calling and called)? I would think that the caller's phone would show the name of the extension called.
bsd_techit would help to know more like what ver of asterisk
morexHey, anyone out there got any experience connecting Asterisk to ISDN over BNC cables (not RJ-45)?
We got problems...
bsd_techyour usiing to check againsed it for bugs and check the bug reports to see if any one else has this issue
MrWupwhen asterisk tries to hangup when connected to PSTN via FXO... i assume it does a CPC for a certain number of milliseconds right?
bsd_techI though bnc was outdated
but its easy if you have a network card that has bnc on it
setup the card and asterisk will work
MrWuphow do i change how long asterisk sends a CPC signal for when it calls Hangup()?
[TK]D-FenderMrWup: Tie to start hacking Zaptel
fbcitbsd_tech: 1.4
try 1.4.2
Should I go to 1.4.2?
MrWup[TK]D-Fender which part of zaptel lets me set how long the CPC is sent by asterisk for?
firstly though... that is how it works right? asterisk is not hanging up callers properly... leaving the line open
my theory is that asterisk is sending a CPC to the caller which is too short
so although asterisk says the line is hung up... it remains open
sound plausible?
[TK]D-FenderMrWup: I don't code. Time to gt off your butt and start googling and searching the source
MrWup: What evidence do you have to back up your theory?
aydiosmioor ask a developer.
MrWupwhat do you think ive been doing for two days every hour
when im using a normal handset on the line which is going into my fxo card

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