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russellbit probably started simple at one point, and got hacked up to death over the years
but you're welcome, I'm glad it is helping you out :)
mmartinnWe're trying to convince the university to go from Cisco to Asterisk
russellbcool deal
others have done it
mmartinnWe point to those examples, but they aren't "as big as us"
russellbhow big is that?
mmartinnThey keep trying to use Asterisk to argue down the Cisco prices, and we keep trying to say that it would work because it works, not because it makes Cisco cheaper
ManxPowerI found that I had to write my dialplan from scratch
mmartinnrussellb: University of Florida
russellb: So like... however many offices support 45k students... I'm not sure how many are Cisco-based
but it is the "blessed solution"
russellb45k is a lot :)
JTmmartinn: the dialplan is an example of the shear bredth of options
russellbi know of installs that big, though ...
JTmmartinn: what you're meant to do is have that as .samples or in another directory and write your dialplan from scratch
45k students... but how many extensions?
mmartinnJT: I think we are definitely going to move in that direction
I don't think there are anywhere near that many phones
But staff offices are basically encouraged to switch as they upgrade
JT50 analogue phones is enough headache ;)
ManxPowerrussellb: Digium needs to get more larger customers to admit they use Asterisk.
russellbworking on it ...
bkruse_homethat would be great.........
actionbkruse_home points to bell south
bkruse_homepoints to bell south
mmartinnDigium was very helpful for us at first; we have a support contract now
JunK-YManxPower: whats more larger customer btw?
russellbmmartinn: that lets me eat :-D
ManxPowerJunK-Y: people clients have heard of.
mmartinnrussellb: 8-D
bkruse_homerussellb: i still go hungry :[
ManxPowerThe ONLY larger installation I could find was Sam Houston Univ
bkruse_homebuy BE!
JunK-YManxPower: i know a customers which 16 t1s using *
russellbbkruse_home: because you're addicted to your job

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