#asterisk - Tue 27 Mar 2007 between 00:00 and 00:24

apturaso what would cause this? I am getting alot of undefined's when doing make clean
InHisNameany Freedigits.com users active ? Need * cnx data
apturamake install I mean
pigpen[TK]D-Fender, fyi, the other day you noted that my zaptel issue in 1.4.2 was related to a menuselect issue...but it was actually an issue in zaptel sources....
it should be resolved in zap 1.4.2 per my business partner (gentoo kernel dev)
voltagexJT: you still here?
voltagexKoalavoip still isn't registering... I know it's up, and I can ping koalavoip.com.au
voltagexerr, the register line does go in [general], right?
neoalexok this question is more suited here: can I place MGCP calls using asterisk?
pigpenneoalex, seems pretty shady...
neoalexthere's info on how to do it here: http://www.voip-info.org/wiki-Asterisk+MGCP+channels
just curious if anyone has ever tried it
and if it actually works
pigpenyeah..never tried it.
mmartinnnite nite
pigpenanyone using eyeBeam for video?
We use primarly Mac's at the desktop, and sometimes while remote, iChat will puke over various hotel's firewall's.
Where as, over a VPN, ip to ip would work fine, but iChat does not support it.
neoalexpigpen: yes I use eyeBeam for video
pifiuanyone have experience setting up a linksys 921 behind a firewall?
i seem to have all the STUN server settings right but it just wont register
pigpenneoalex, how well does it do?
I know much of video depends on the line quality...
actionpigpen is planning a 3 week trip, and I need to keep in touch with my 5 year old daughter...
pigpenis planning a 3 week trip, and I need to keep in touch with my 5 year old daughter...
neoalexwell... if you're going to be using it from a hotel... I don't know how well it would work
but in order to get through hotel firewalls I recommend using a vpn
pigpenyeah...iChat does ok..but when a hotel has a suckie firewall....iChat pukes.
Yeah...definatly a vpn.
neoalexopenvpn works but I've had better performance with hamachi
it's a breeze to install too
pigpenI stayed at a hotel in Sanpoint, ID. I replaced their firewall for a week using Monowall on a Soekris....
The owner wanted to buy it off of me...
Yeah..we have pretty established vpn's using vpntracker connecting to strongswan on various linux boxes.
So I guess I could figure eyeBeam would be as good as iChat...
(same codec)
neoalexI imagine so.. haven't use iChat though
and I haven't used eyeBeam on Mac either
didn't even know they had a version for Macs

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