#asterisk - Sun 25 Mar 2007 between 00:25 and 01:33

JTerr thanks for that
JTluke-jr: ?
luke-jrspammy ;p
CrashHD"mom, the dog ate my asterisk again!"
JTlooks like polycoms don't have fun behind nat
well at least this version
coppicedo polycoms ever have fun? does *any* IP phone really enjoy its sense of being?
bkruse_homecoppice: never!
Qwellmy ciscos are self-aware
bkruse_homeif i was a sip phone, i would kill myself
actionbkruse_home closes port 5060
bkruse_homecloses port 5060
actionQwell flashes bkruse_home with skinny firmware
Qwellflashes bkruse_home with skinny firmware
coppiceah, so they are self-conscious about being fat?
if we ever make self-aware machines, we'll probably have to make them deeply self-conscious, so they buy all the latest fads and keep the economy rolling.
bkruse_homecoppice: yes, the grandstreams and snom are jealou
however, the soundstation from polycom owns them all
coppiceI was once asked to design a conferencing phone by people who thought the soundstation really sucked
soundstation(spidaphone) rocks.
optional velcro
Qwellcoppice: what happened with that?
coppiceI didn't accept the job
bkruse_homeQwell: ranch went out of business :P
bkruse_home: yes
JTcoppice: they thought the audio quality sucked?
coppicethe echo cancelling can be quirky. the handling of people at different distances from the unit is poor. there was a significant list of limitations - mostly improvable - they had
sounds like they were pretty fussy
coppiceI don't think they ever did much to improve the soundstation after they bought it
Qwellpolycom bought it?
JTyou can get additional mics for the soundstation too
coppiceit used to come with various names on it, but I'm not sure who owned and manufacturer it through those periods
JTthe noise reduction on the polycom when using the handset rocks
i have a rack with piles of fans behind me, i made a recording and you can't hear it at all
coppicethat kind of noise reduction can be effective, but always comes at a price - the voice quality suffers
JTi dunno

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