#asterisk - Thu 22 Mar 2007 between 00:02 and 00:15

billzybubnice, a nuclear radioactive device has been stolen in philly
cr4z3d[TK]D-Fender, yeah ekiga came with ubuntu default
is that a problem?
billzybubekiga is just a client, that should keep you from binding to 5060 on your interface
cr4z3dooh alright so that's what's stopping that
[TK]D-Fendercr4z3d, tahts the reason you have the "already bound" error. Ekiga has claimed ownership of the SIP port before *.
cr4z3dok so if i just turn of ekiga that won't happen anymore?
billzybubcrazed, is ekiga running ?
[TK]D-Fendercr4z3d, You need to run your soft-phone on a differen port and set taht in *
cr4z3dyeah it's running
billzybubi dont run my xlite on a different port...
cr4z3di'm just going to run a windows soft phone instead
to avoid any of that port stuff for now
i just want to get it up and connected to my NuFone
ok so now i disabled ekiga and damn
i got like 3 pages of notices and warnings
most seem to do with musiconhold.c
[TK]D-Fendercrazed, just make sure that "mode=files" in musiconhold.conf
billzybubcrazed, get into a shell and type this in: netstat -tap
[TK]D-Fendercr4z3d, And that post you made did not actualyl show a SINGLE error related to your nufone setup
cr4z3ddefault, mode=quietmp3
billzybublook for ekiga
[TK]D-Fendercr4z3d, Change it and reload
billzybubwhat port is it established tto
[TK]D-Fenderbillzybub, 5060... thats th clrea reason for the error....
cr4z3dok now i get notices about res_odbc.c
and this warning
Mar 21 20:07:50 WARNING[21264]: res_odbc.c:565 odbc_obj_connect: res_odbc: Error SQLConnect=-1 errno=0 [unixODBC][Driver Manager]Data source name not found, and no default driver specified
billzybubcrazed try this for your softphone http://www.xten.com/index.php?menu=download_xlite&platform=linux
cr4z3d[TK]D-Fender, really? so how can i see if i'm connected to NuFone or not? iax2 show peers says 0 online
alright billzybub i'll take a look at as soon as i can get these errors away
[TK]D-Fendercr4z3d, You are not issuing a "qualify" to it so don't EXPECT to see anything.
cr4z3d, That is not in and of itself indicative of anything.
cr4z3d, lets move along...
cr4z3d, in modules.conf add "noload => res_odbc.so"
cr4z3d, and start it up again
cr4z3dhm this time i got a really bad error and the program crashed
Mar 21 20:12:31 WARNING[21446]: loader.c:325 __load_resource: /usr/lib/asterisk/modules/func_odbc.so: undefined symbol: odbc_obj_disconnect
Mar 21 20:12:31 WARNING[21446]: loader.c:554 load_modules: Loading module func_odbc.so failed!
[TK]D-Fendercr4z3d, in modules.conf add "noload => func_odbc.so"

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