#asterisk - Wed 21 Mar 2007 between 20:57 and 21:30

flendersaldoenviro: as JT said, read the README file
aldoenviro: and just a quick tip, pretty much all software (source tarballs) you download, will come with a README or INSTALL file
aldoenviroI guess this is a good first question... will asterisk work with a normal voice modem?
mvanbaaknormally, no
if it's a X100P clone model, it will work
but my experience is, most voice modems wont work
aldoenvirowell that defeats the whole purpose. I wanted to test it out using incoming calls on a voicemodem. Run the calls through a menu system, voicemail etc...
mrobertoI need some help with ceptral i have the module install just not sure how to use it ? I am using version for 2.4
Voice2Uniqueid has a dot.. think i can force it not with a dot ?
that UNIXTIMESTAMP + random 0000-9999 ?
aldoenviroanyone know any products that would allow incoming calls on a voice modem to be answered by an auto attendant with voicemail?
So an X100P FXO PCI Card
That would do the trick for asterisk?
mvanbaakif you are talking analog lines, yeah
JTif you didn't want a very good card, then maybe
aldoenviroWhat is a decent "hobyist" card in that case?
JTthere's no such thing as a card that is both cheap and decent
an ATA might be a better plan
aldoenviroCheap isn't necessarily a requirement... just a desire
Voice2ok wahts the alternatve to uniqueid ? i dont want a dot
jbotata is probably Analog Telephone Adapter which is used to put a normal analog phone onto ethernet, see http://www.voip-info.org/tiki-index.php?page=Analog%20Telephone%20Adapters for more info
`p4r14haldoenviro: get a tdm400p before you start buying x100p's
that is if you plan on using it for more than a hobby
JTi prefer to do my "hobby" stuff properly too :)
aldoenviroin all actuality, I would like it to answer my phone... I might eventually like to have a wifi cordless...
`p4r14hwell, if you just want to learn it and not use it heavily the x100p works just fine if you only need one PTSN interface
JTwifi ip phones, don't go there
aldoenviroI played with a cisco phone a few months ago... it was pretty cool
ChrisHardieJT/File/anyone: I'm still stuck with getting asterisk to build/use a chan_zap driver.
I installed the zaptel driver from SVN and got it to recognize the card
make menuselect recognizes chan_zap as an option and has it selected
but still no chan_zap.so being built.
If anyone has any advice/pointers, that'd be great.
Strom_Mwhich versions of everything are you running?
aldoenviroWould this do the trick? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16833203012
ChrisHardieAsterisk 1.4.2, and I was using zaptel 1.4.0 but was told to use the version from SVN instead.
Strom_MChrisHardie: so you got zapte;-1.4 svn branch?

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