#asterisk - Mon 12 Mar 2007 between 01:08 and 01:14

Mahmoudthe way my ISP gladly patterm matches SIP is because it's very easy to match it by deep inspection..
gambolputtydoes the UAE filter IAX traffic too?
Mahmoudgambolputty, no
gambolputtygive it time, give it time :(
gambolputtywhat else they censor?
Mahmoudall proxies
anything at 8080 is redirected to their proxy
no proxy (port 80 tcp) is also redirected to them
gambolputtyweb traffic
what about email?
Mahmoudwe are not allowed to have web servers in da house
we cand send emails
but didn't try to run my own mail server
gambolputtyyou would probably have to use PGP at that point
JacksLivrhttp://pastebin.ca/391429 || When I dial the skinny ext, the phone reboots and i get kicked outta the console session.
Mahmoudpgp has nothing to do with the port number
gambolputtyI mean email encryption
gambolputty.. who cares to read emails sent from a miserable guy's house server
gambolputtyif they are going to forbid SIP, is scanning emails that much of a stretch for them?
probably not
xpotanyone know how to use features?
Mahmoudthat's too much.. gambolputty.. how old are you
Mahmoudgambolputty, stop watching too much of science fiction movies
JTit isn't science fiction
gambolputtyall I am saying is that one type of censorship would probably lead to another
JTit's science fact
reading emails is easy
Mahmoudwhy on earth why would ISPs read my emails to track if i'm using SIP or not
gambolputtyand how old are you Mahmoud?
Mahmoudit's easy, but time is expensive
23 years old
gambolputtyyou might as well look into a VPN and/or SIP/IAX encryption
JTthey might just scan them, and i don't think he specifically meant to look for sip talk

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