#asterisk - Sun 11 Mar 2007 between 00:02 and 00:27

Qwellhey, any of you folks seen any weirdness with cellphones and DST?
for some reason, my tower here already updated, and it's only 10 :D
I smell a tower firmware bug, heh
Strom_Cyeah, mine is already at 11:11
QwellStrom_C: tmobile?
nullvariableanyone around?
korihorno ;p
im playing with sphinx2 anyone had any luck with getting it to work with asterisk?
is this right? exten => h,1,Set(CALLERID${CALLERIDNUM:0})
Qwellkiwoneka: not quite. what are you trying to do, remove the first digit?
yeah, what are you trying to do? That's wrong in more than one way
Defendwhen does dst change? is it 2 or 3?
kiwonekaexten => h,1,Set(CALLERID${CALLERIDNUM:0})
exten => h,2,System(/usr/local/scripts/docallback.sh)
exten => h,3,Hangup()
Qwelldefend: after 1:59:59 it becomes 3:00:00
Defendok thanks qwell
kiwonekai am trying to get a call file to work
Qwellunless you haven't upgraded your timezone settings...
Defendi want to stay up just to make sure our servers dont bug
QwellUsers in North America, update your timezone settings if `zdump -v /etc/localtime | grep 2007` does not display March 11th.
(or, apparently, if you own a tmobile cellphone tower in Huntsville)
I'm gonna be downright MAD if my phone updates again at 2, heh
QwellI already called and complained, but they kinda blew me off
(in the not so good way...)
Defendend up 2h ahead
Qwelldefend: it wouldn't surprise me at all
Defendsprint hasnt done anything yet
Qwellit's the individual tower - possibly all of the same make/model towers
Defendcourse i didnt patch my phone but i dont use it for anything so i dont care all that much
QwellI think what happened, was they said "update at 2am"...but the towers are stored in UTC
so it really did it at like 6 CST

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