#asterisk - Sat 10 Mar 2007 between 00:00 and 00:09

russellbone mirror is in NC, and another in AZ
bandwidth.com and easynews
actionManxPower waves to drumkilla
ManxPowerwaves to drumkilla
QwellManxPower: when you coming down the mountain? :p
party at Qwell's house!
ManxPowerYou mean "When am I coming up to Huntsville"
Prolly after I get back from New Orleans, which should be around Mar 23 or so
rhombusManxPower: Have you made the Polycom call-park feature work with Asterisk call parking?
ManxPowerrhombus: no.
I've not even tries
rhombusManxPower: the admin guide doesn't really explain it; i was hoping to make it friendlier for users
ManxPowerMy users didn't know how to park calls on the old system, I figure they don't have to do so on Asterisk. Anyway, teaching them anything is like trying to herd cats
Assidhrmm whats the suggested bootrom/sip for polycom 301
rhombus2.1.0 is the current
ManxPowerAssid: I stick to SIP 1.6.7
rhombusbut YMMV
ManxPowerI stick to whatever bootrom came on the phone.
russellbtzanger: http://pastebin.ca/388569
tzanger: a few things that were different in trunk ...
among countless other arbitrary formatting changes .....
Assidhell i dont know whats on it right now.. will check in a bit
am just upgrading *
rhombusrussellb: that ftp server is smokin' fast
Assidrhombus: ftp.digium ?
actiongambolputty announces the one button phone. Every phone can be accesses from just one button, you just have to know how often to press it.
gambolputtyannounces the one button phone. Every phone can be accesses from just one button, you just have to know how often to press it.
Assidrussellb: how much does easynews cost?
actionrhombus would buy the one button phone
rhombuswould buy the one button phone
russellbi have no idea, they may be donating it to us
ftp is an alias for ftp1 and ftp2, which are in AZ and NC ... both should be fast, though
Assidaah.. dont think they have commercial selling for dedicated boxes.. everyone so far ive seen is "donated/provided by"
i got my box down at ev1/theplanet
boxes even
Strom_Mgambolputty: you're too late. such a phone already exists.
AssidStrom_M: isnt that the mac phone?
Strom_Mit's called a manual telephone set :)
Assida copy of the mac mouse .. 1 click

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