#asterisk - Tue 27 Feb 2007 between 01:28 and 00:01

yonahw-workexten=> s,3,hangup()
Mavvieyonahw-work: that looks like a macro, not a context.
kaldemarif it was named [macro-from-pstn] it would be a macro.
Mavviekaldemar: true, but a context with s,... in it?
kaldemaryonahw-work: you need to replase s with something that matches your number(s).
Mavvieof course I'm not really understanding this, but for me a context matches numbers/
yonahw-worki was under the impression that s would match any starting number
as in a call starts at s if not defined anywhere else
kaldemarnope, s doesn't match all numbers.
Mavvie: you can have s in a context for example if you set zapata channels as immediate.
but that's clearly not the case here.
JTMavvie: s, i, t, and a few other are contexts for fallback behaviour
yonahw-workhow can i set my zapata channels as immediate and what other reprecussions will that have
meaning I want to answer all calls to the pri, do i have to setup a context for each did?
kaldemaryonahw-work: if you have PRI and actually get numbers from the line to asterisk, you do not want to set your channels yo immediate. replace the s with something that matches your numbers.
an exten-line is enough for each DID.
yonahw-workoh i am unfamiliar with exten-line i will have to look that up
how can i set a pause upon answer the first word of my ivr is not heard
kaldemaryonahw-work: use answer and wait
yonahw-workkaldemar: thanks got it working
how can I set my outbound dialing for a pri to pick up any available extension
JTzap groups
eg G1/g1
mrc3__canreinvite=no; nat=yes; insecure=very; and still no audio
eald_homemrc3_, I'm not reading really but, codecs?
mrc3__i also added some iptables for forwarding port 5060 to this computer, but that didn't help either
Mavvieall phone numbers from Australian Technology Partnerships are out of service....
mrc3__eald_home, hmmmm... i hadn't given that a thought. let me see
orlockMavvie" from? they a voip reseller?
looking at one screen, typing on another.... :)
Mavvieorlock: try a full line.
JTorlock: yes, they're digium's official .au resellers
JTquite amusing their phones are out

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