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Netranger78here is what i have......got a 7970 running sccp.....i have other sip channels showing up as second lines on here....which i want....and they all ring through....however one of these.....lets call it 3678 ....when i call in on that line the speed dial light that it is assigned to doesnt flash and it looks like it is coming in on the main line of the phone....none of the others do this......any ideas?
[TK]D-Fenderseva : Using SLA on 1.4? Because thats the only way to multi-register a single user....
sevano, i have iax softphones connecting using a single peer setup
they all login to a conference call
funkmastermercestes: in sip.conf defualtexpirey and maxexpirey do they have any maximum values? or i can set whatever i want?
Mercestesfunkmaster: Try it.
bertrand^is it possible _not_ to choose a channel when talking to an E1?
my provider asks me to do that
Mercestesfunkmaster: I think setting qualify to a numeric value (like 100) is more than likely to fix whatever problem yoru having than setting expirey to an insane value if I am guessing correctly on what you are experiencing.
funkmaster: However, your not telling us what's wrong so I'm guessing the max value for those variables is likely the maximum size of an INT32.
bertrand^: By "choose a channel" you mean "dial any one of 30 or so available channels within an E1 PRI?" then that would be the default behavior.
bertrand^: You define your e1 with a 1-30 with dchan=31 or something, assign it a group, then DIAL/ZAP/g1/###### etc.
ChicagoBudhello, is there a spec for the number of characters in caller id name
Netranger78any ideas on the 7970 button issue?
aydiosmioremove it
then no one can complain it doesn't work
Netranger78lol....id love to....but unfortunately this will be sitting on the asssistant to the presidents desk
bertrand^mercestes, i've already tried every channel choice methods r1 R1 G1 g1, but i still can't make an outogin call
MercestesChicagoBud: It just cuts it off at like 11 chars or something, I can't remember exactly how many tho
bertrand^my phone provider now asks me "to not choose a channel"
MercestesChicagoBud: Just count them sometime.
aydiosmioNetranger78: you say that like you should really care
bertrand^i'm not sure that's possible
aydiosmioyou shouldn't
damn the man and all that.
[TK]D-Fenderbertrand^: You need to make sure of how you have allocated groups in your zapata.conf
Netranger78im sure in some deep dark part of my soul i dont.....but unfortunately they pay me to care......lol
funkmastermercestes: well the problem is like this, i have a voip sip provider configure in my sip.conf, works fine i can receive make calls etc.. but after a while it does not work anymore, e.g. incoming calls still make my phone ring but it does not show up in the console, though verbose mode and there is no connection established when i pick up, not audio transfer, so then i have to wait a couple hours, stop the registration of that provider during that
time and then after a couple hours or a day re-registrer, then it works again for while and the same thing starts over...
MercestesNetranger78: Sounds like a config issue to me, but I can't tell you exactly *waht* config.
aydiosmioNetranger78: sorry I can't provide anything other than comic relief
Netranger78im pretty sure i know where it is....i just cannot figure out why this one isnt working......in the /etc/asterisk/sccp.conf i have i line in there for this particular extension that reads
Mercestesfunkmaster: Weird, phone should not ring with nothing in the CLI, tho, if you need a faster rereg, qualify=100 is what you need, not expirey= 2 billion. What type of phones are these??
Netranger78autologin = 8955,8978,8985,3678
Netranger78and all of them work just peachy except for 3678......now the only reason i can come up with for this not working is that i have it also ringing on a couple other phones
its wierd
aydiosmioJerJer: a.k.a. How to let everyone on the planet make free phone calls through your SIP account
bertrand^[TK]D-Fender, you mena this line: channel => 1-15,17-31 ?

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