#asterisk - Fri 23 Feb 2007 between 00:00 and 00:17

xsquaredso how does the SPA3102 work? all i see is 2 phone connectors in it. how does it connect with asterisk?
flendersxsquared: you should als see a netwrk prt
JTok, it's like a little router thing, but basically it converts them to SIP voip protocol
and you can connect with ethernet
xsquaredisn't it great that they show you the front of the device and not the whole thing?
flenderswow, I thought my 'o' died
stupid promo pictures :(
flenderswas just on the phone with jerry from clearnet
JTheh, ebay usually has better pictures
xsquaredhaha :P
do you know where they are based?
but their shipping is pretty good
takes a day or 2 max to syd
xsquaredi want it in the next 2 days
flenderssend him an e-mail
xsquaredi might
flendershe might be able to post it to you today. you might get it on monday
JTthe next 2 days are the weekend
xsquaredfirst i have to find out what i need ;)
JTpeople tend not to ship then
xsquaredi mean business days
flendersjerry's got pretty good deals on SPA921s as well
and I think 941s too
hegarshow do you activate colour on the rasterisk cli?
weazahlcan anyone recommend a GOOD low cost single port FXO card/modem. i've been finding only crap as of late
i just tried "infomagics" card. WORTHLESS!
for use in asterisk?
for voice?
that is correct
to interface my landline at home
J4k3get a nice ATA
weazahlwant to play with dundi
JTit must be SUPPORTED by asterisk
you can't just grab random modems

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