#asterisk - Thu 22 Feb 2007 between 00:00 and 03:41

DocHollidayits on loan to me :)
entelechyasterisk newb here... can someone point me to current information on Cisco 7940 TFTP flash to SIP... followed the instructions on cisco.com, phone is still looking for SEPxxx files instead of SIPxxx
JettiAny life here?
I'm installing for the first time tonight. I want to setup a simple internal PBX without any PSTN functions and use CISCO 7960 phones.
Do I need anything special for setting this up other than a linux sever?
mostyis it possible to check if one of my FXO modules is plugged into a phone line from the asterisk console?
k-manhi guys, my partner keeps asking me if snom is any good for voip phones? i keep telling her they are crap but she wants to hear your confirmations
so... is snom any good?
mostythey are reasonably good
k-manbetter or worse than linksys?
mostyin my experience- better
not the answer i was expecting, but thanks :)
mostythe snom headsets are unusable (but that may be a local problem due to differences in power supplies), so bear that in mind
other than that, they're quite good, but don't use the beta firmwares
[TK]D-FenderSnom firmwar is historically flakey, but they are more "functional" than Linksys.
I believe Linksys is a little ahead on general audio quality and is "decent" with its inexpensive 2.5mm headset jack.
mostyi heard people had problems with snom firmware in the past, and it pretty much always turned out to be because they were using beta firmware
when i chased it up, at least
i have a linksys spa841 and spa941, the 841 seems to have worse audio than my snom300/320's, the 941 is about the same sound quality
k-manah, interesting
[TK]D-Fenderyeah, 841 was "junk"
iewebguyIs anyone around to help me with a ZapTel TE110P install I lost music on hold and background somehow.
havenonickhello ?
Unable to open pid file '/var/run/asterisk/asterisk.pid': No such file or directory
actionbintut waves.. brb..
bintutwaves.. brb..
iewebguydoesn't that mean asterisk is not running?
helps pls!!
JTsandra78: err what
sandra78: you're not looking like you have a problem that needs solvin
sandra78Unable to create RTP audio session: Too many open files
i have this issue after i get 30 or more concurrents calls
i have research about this issue with ulimit -n

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