#asterisk - Wed 21 Feb 2007 between 20:15 and 20:43

tzangerthere *does* seem to be a dearth of isolation in that pic though
Strom_Cyeah, that card seems kinda sparsely populated with things
tzangersparse population means nothing
actually I see the isolation barrier now
Strom_Cbut I suppose if you enjoy playing Indiana Jones and the Quest for the Magic Smoke... :)
tzangerI say more power to him
I could rattle off a card like that withotu much effort
trouble's in the support
CherebrumI'm not even using the card now. It's full of FXS ports so if it blows up for $35 then oh well.. I wasn't using it anyways
I really doubt it would smoke. If there was any defect it would probably be software and not hardware. It isn't that hard to reverse engineer hardware. I know a few guys that do it for a living and you would have to do something REALLY stupid to make magic smoke.
tzangerthe card's probably fine
I wouldn't be worried about it
I'd like to make a digium-compatible 8-port
maybe something with some kind of echo can on it for FXO, but now that HPEC's here there's not much point
CherebrumI prefer to use SIP gateways anyways
Cherebrumthey always do a much better job
tzangerto each their onw
er own
Cherebrumand you can route the calls to another box if your media box blows up
anyway movie time
Cherebrumyou can't do that with fixed boards
litagedespite wctdm sharing an irq with uhci_hcd, zttest gives good results: http://rafb.net/p/5tgPSS97.html could irq sharing still be causing huge echo for the first minute of calls?
TaiSHiAh, great connection =)
Bobthehunterhow can i know the ESTABLISHED codec in a call ? fmtp ?
ealdhi, I have a conference room conf=> 1111,1 then in the context for-conference I have exten=> 1,1,Meetme,1111 then when I call I get the prompt for conference pin, but if y keypress 1 it doesn't accept it as valid, what I'm doing wrong?
well, because I need to press # after the number
froguzgood evening
did somebebody experienced with redfone fonebridge2?
Bobthehunternch.com.au SUCKS
big time
they cant implement basic sip withotu breaking all known protocols
another company ill make sure to push clients away
TaiSHinight =)

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