#asterisk - Sun 18 Feb 2007 between 14:49 and 14:54

[TK]D-FenderOpperior : Lets say I wouldn't know Cisco's manufacturing quality. they ARE nice phones.... SIP could be a fair bit better and more stable though.
QwellDocHolliday: but it's silly to go and buy every piece of hardware out there
[TK]D-FenderJ4k3 : Just some of their policies
DocHollidayQwell, sure but thats a pretty popular piece of VoIP gear?
bkruse_home[TK]D-Fender: agreed, but i think the lack of SIP support is for a reason :]
Qwell7914? not really
J4k3hell, cisco was still selling 68030-based routers for >$3k retail in 1999 (when the routers got EOL'd)
DocHollidayatleast companies are guaranteed they can take all their cisco handsets and transition to asterisk
[TK]D-Fenderbkruse_home : And what... destabilize their private little empire?! oh noes!
DocHollidayQwell, *most* companies i have been to now use Cisco handsets.. and as a result they have *many* Cisco 7914
J4k3In this world, one must know their ABCs... *A*nything *B*ut *C*isco.
QwellDocHolliday: well, it *IS* proprietary
actionmafkees pats his 7960
mafkeespats his 7960
DocHollidayQwell, i dont dispute that, but the fact of the matter is there are a lot of *but's* with asterisk.. this would be one less (in my mind anyway)
Juggiecisco phones suck, NEXT!
DocHollidayJuggie, tell that to all my customers who haven't had one dead Cisco IP Phone
mafkeesdont listen to all those angry people 7960. You are serving me great ;)
QwellDocHolliday: they *do* work with asterisk :)
JuggieDocHolliday, the hardware isnt the problem
the software is horrible
OpperiorWell, then, what would you use if not Cisco? Just Polycom?
[TK]D-FenderPolycom > Cisco
DocHollidayJuggie, SIP 8.6 is perfect
[TK]D-FenderPolycom > ALL
J4k3anything you don't have to hack to make work > Cisco.
bkruse_home[TK]D-Fender: agreed!
[TK]D-FenderDocHolliday : Perfect? You mean full presence support, and SLA?
bkruse_home[TK]D-Fender: i meant that by making their Sip firmware crap, forces you to use SKINNY/MGCP
DocHollidayi stand behind whatever solution i offer
[TK]D-Fenderbkruse_home : Insidious isn't it? ;)
JuggieDocHolliday, if you think ciscos sip FW is perfect, then you really need to try some other phones
bkruse_homeincredibly, yes
[TK]D-FenderDocHolliday : All hail the Almighty Dollar! ;)
Juggiebecause i can assure you, it is FAR FAR FAR from perfect.
Qwellbkruse_home: they don't want people using mgcp either
[TK]D-FenderQwell : Ummm.. why OULD anybody use MGCP?
Qwell[TK]D-Fender: I have *NO* idea
OpperiorI've looked at Polycoms, and it seems like they don't have enough programmable buttons
DocHollidayJuggie, i have heard Polycom is a good phone... i simply use what i have experience with

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