#archlinux - Tue 8 May 2007 between 00:42 and 00:45

imachinein fact, the two are very close.
iamsthithabenplaut, no gaim.. only pidgin!
lolmaniamsthitha, not my choice of nick...blame people over on OFTC :P
iamsthitha!wtf oftc
phrikiamsthitha: oftc: nothing appropriate
lilltigerunfortunally non of em works practically..
imachinelilltiger, people's fault.
lolmanOFTC is another IRC network ;)
imachinelilltiger, so called pebkac.
lilltigerand if they would work, they would be useless
benplautiamsthitha: it
's screwing up plugins and such
imachinelilltiger, but, there is good examples for where you can have it working quite well.
benplautas well as really confusing me when i try to open up gaim and find it gone :P
iamsthithabenplaut, perhaps the plugin packages need updating
imachinelilltiger, uk is quite neat. scotland to be precis.
dagnachewcactus, I found /usr/include/procps.h what about .c file ?
actionimachine likes.
lilltigeras the unicertifical cast system would be a much better way to go
cast system.
iamsthithabenplaut, well, looks like you need to update the package on your brain as well!
imachinethat was worked and tried afaik.
lilltigerimachine: both thoes contries is very far from it.
cactusdagnachew: did you look at the pkgbuild for procps?
benplautwas there a message in the upgrade notes?
cactusand download the source?
imachinelilltiger, it's been tossed by capitalists.
iamsthithabenplaut, yea.. it said.. Replace gaim with pidgin?
imachinelilltiger, uh, well, whatever they got then, give me some of that
lilltigerno thanks.. :D
thire economy sux :D
cactusiamsthitha: pidgin is the new gaim, if you didn't know
benplautiamsthitha: oh
yea, i know

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