#archlinux - Sat 5 May 2007 between 00:17 and 00:22

imachinehmm. what for really. irc has ssl....
oic. well.
give it some space.
phrikfoolish fools fooled with fooling foolery
imachineremember, cb or what was it's name, was avail for a while :)
plus, irc has it's climate.
so ;]
pehimachine: sure, but there's more to SILC. SFTP, like I said, no nick collisions, and... other stuff
remember PowWow? :rolleyes:
imachinepeh, yeah, i'm well aware of that. tho you could do that perfectly over irc i suppose.
actionlouipc does not
louipcdoes not
imachinerandom nicknames from server, resolved over clients ?
actionimachine remembers
imachinelouipc, but that's an im.
irc never was really an im.
louipcno it isn't
pehimachine: sure, so that's what I'm speculating.. if SILC will just remain a "lab/playground", and its technlogy adapted for IRC
imachinedespite kopetes and gaims tries at incorporating it as one.
louipcit shouldn't be in an im client
it's just wrong
imachinepeh, maybe will maybe won't. we'll see.
louipc, what, irc, or jabbr?
stonecrestim achine
stonecrest, su
pehimachine: http://silcnet.org/general/about/features.php <- Some more info
imachineyah, i know about silc. i read about it some time before when it appeared ion gaim orso.
i like irc tho. and the main pointabout iming etc...
is s what good is it if ther's no one using it
pehyea, that's the one feature SILC lacks...
in related news: Paris Hilton is going to jail! wohoo!
stonecrestwho needs SILC when there is mugshot?

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