#archlinux - Thu 3 May 2007 between 00:00 and 00:10

xbud[A-Z] will do i guess but i dont like it
no, ruby :)
i dislike perl
Yeah, but at least perl gets regex right :)
It's a wonderful language for sysadmin and text processing :)
xbudobviously you've never used ruby :)
wingotI have actually
xbudim the one with the problem, not ruby
wingotIt's too far extrapolated from the basic code, don't like it :P
It's like how I prefer to use ifconfig then a gui that does the same job
xbudits clean and great for prototyping
wingotYeah, so's lisp!
xbudhaha you're comparing barebone code to perl dude
wingotAnd python for that matter
xbudanyway the argument is dull and old, its opionistic
wingotperl just feels more like I'm in control of what's happening, feels much more like a 3rd level than a 4th
Yeah, it's opinion
jrawhat level is webmin?
xbudthat's a language?
wingotxbud: To be fair, even word processers are languages :)
jrait's php stuff for controlling server stuff. not a language but that "in control" thing seems a bit far off
xbudi was saying cause i've never heard of it
wingotHowever, webmin is a collection of tools in a nice easy gui :)
jrayep. at least it's very straightforward
xbudhehe so is gui crafting in vsC# but its still not right
fivrewe should program everything in Lisp
simply because it's fun
xbudyah cause braces rock
wingotfivre: Yeah! Screw productivity! :)
Unfortunately, my boss doesn't go for that arguement :(
fivrewho cares about productivity when you're having fun?
wingotMe: But Lisp is fun! Boss: Get back to work!
xbudwingot : then you point him to human computation
wingotCourse, as a Perl programmer, I get the benegits of these virtues: http://www.netropolis.org/hash/perl/virtue.html
xbud: Human computation doesn't help in regards to getting the customer off his back ;)
xbudin fact it does if implemented correctly
wingotWell, not unless he wants to try to explain the concept to the customer ;)

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