#archlinux - Sun 20 May 2007 between 00:00 and 00:39

delaneyif anyone could explain to me what i need to do to get rid of the OTHER option in my XFce system menus.. it sure would be WICKED
wide-eyedelaney: edit the .desktop file for whatever is in there
delaneywide-eye, yeah i just realised whats up
each entry starts with Arch-*
i wasnt finding anything with just Donate.desktop till i really really looked
wide-eyeuninstall the arch-menu's package
or is that in something else
delaneyi got it
compwiz19silly question: how do I set the default shell interpreter for a user?
yosh64anyhows, just tested my bros computer... it connects to my network... but ya can't seem to access the net on it?
phrikRSS Update: archpkgs: squid 2.6.STABLE13-1 || smc 0.99.6-2 || boost 1.34.0-1 || bmpx 0.36.1-2
yosh64btw, bro uses winxp
so yea... need to figure how to get the internet working through my wireless network...
_piOkay so, which idiot t hought it would be funny if pacman overwrote /etc/ entries/
So no one wants to fess up about who's bright idea was it to mess with the pacman.conf and have pacman upgrade and install it without the NoUpgrade options?
josesitoi'm trying to install grub-gfx and it gives me this error: warning: failed to retrieve some files from community ... error: failed to commit transaction (unexpected error)
_pijosesito, retry.
josesito_pi: i have...like a dozen of times
yaourt -Sy grub-gfx
_piThen it could be your the first pacman server is down.
In your config.
josesito_pi: k i'm going to try change the mirror
try 1 with different server: same error
_piTry using pacman.static
josesito_pi: what's that?
_piPacman only with everything built in.
_piDependancy wise.
same error
It might just be the servers then.
josesitoheh...all servers??
what a luck--- =(
Or it's not in the pacage repository anymore :-p
I just checked.
error: 'grub-gfx': not found in sync db
current/grub 0.97-7

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