#archlinux - Sat 19 May 2007 between 00:06 and 00:51

redphoen1x1haha this is fun :D
actionredphoen1x1 does a dance
redphoen1x1does a dance
Navi_: haha :O i never really knew what complete control was untill now.....
hmmm i think i ran into the bug that somone ells has....gnome cant write to /tmp
ThePizzaKingredphoen1x1: Problem with pacman apparently
redphoen1x1ThePizzaKing: hmm ok any fix?
ThePizzaKingnot sure
redphoen1x1i am completly new to arch...:s dont know the ins out outs of pacman...altho i like the name... :D
every time i use it i think of pacman gobbling up the packages
"chomp chomp chomp....installing gnome"
cactusyou should add ILoveCandy to your pacman.conf then
ThePizzaKingredphoen1x1: http://bugs.archlinux.org/task/7194
Not sure about a fix, but that has details
_mEo_Hi, can someone tell me if Arch has this enabled in the kernel: Device Drivers ---> USB support ---> USB Network Adapters ---> "Multi-purpose USB Networking Framework" enabled, "Simple USB Network Links (CDC Ethernet subset)" enabled and "Embedded ARM Linux links (iPaq, ...)"
does anyone know or know how to find out?
ThePizzaKing_mEo_: the kernel config is under /boot/kconfig26
If you know the names of the config options
how do I browse that though
like using tht kernel build tool, is that possible?
redphoen1x1whoa arch is fast :o
ThePizzaKingThat's in there
about line 2853
that's the whole usb net section
don't know about using the kernel build tool though
scastLawl, it's pretty funny to ripoff Mark Pilgrim, phrakture and codemac configs.
nowmesomeone there?
scastNo, but don't tell anyone!
phrikRSS Update: aurpkgs: openssh-padlock
blamelessthat looks interesting
nowmewell if someone can help me with my laptop...
i have a problem with arch & my laptop compatibility

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