#archlinux - Fri 18 May 2007 between 00:02 and 00:56

so I just mount the FS with -t ext4dev -o extents?
kybernetikdoes anybody here use the 'udev trick' on the wiki for automounting usb devices?
aarcaneKyral_Laptop, if e2fsprogs has the ext4dev patches, sure :)
Kyral_Laptopaarcane: yanno I wish I knew how to tell that..
I'm running the latest out of the repos
aarcanehave to ask brain0, he's the one who deals with most of the kernel stuff
Kyral_Laptop, I was running ext4dev until my laptop got smashed physically, and I had to compile from sources. I know the kernel has ext4dev support, but not sure about e2fsprogs
Kyral_Laptopyah...its not happy
mount spits out its error msg
oh wait..malformed mount command
Kyral_Laptopyah...it likes it
aarcaneKyral_Laptop, converting your / is a kinda difficult process which involves rebuilding your initcpio, but you can eassily have an ext4dev mount point
Kyral_Laptopaarcane: Yah I'm gonna switch my /home to it
Kyral_Laptopjust need to load the ext4dev module into MODULES
Now to reboot to make it take effect
aarcanenot even that o,.,0
Kyral_Laptopwell, it worked
odd...I didn't see it check the partition when it booted
aarcanetry mount and mtab
welcome back delaney
Kyral_Laptopoh I did
delaneythank you sir :)
was playing with gdm.. didnt work as expected.
gonna take some more googling :)
Kyral_Laptop/dev/hda4 on /home type ext4dev (rw,extents)
well, I just made it impossible to convert back to ext3 :P
Kyral_Laptop, to convert it back, you need some free disk space and tar or cp.
aarcaneI'm out for a bit, see you later Kyral_Laptop, delaney
Kyral_Laptopja nei
delaneynite aarcane
xtchow can a mount a partition so only i can use it ?
wingotUmm, with the "user" flag in the fstab
Basically mounts it with your permissions
Then it's you and root :P
xtcwingot but that's if i mount it right? what if i want that partition to be mounted at boot

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