#archlinux - Wed 16 May 2007 between 02:37 and 02:41

wingotrixxon: Mind helping me with a php problem :)
Well, specifically an apache problem
Vardyrit's just that the way slim is launched uses bash
wingotcsc`: ?
rixxoni hate that expression
"do you mind?" "yes, ofcourse!" "good!"
csc`something in the xammp config helped me get php working
might help you
even though its windows software
wingotrixxon: If you said yes, I would understand that meant yes you do mind :)
rixxonwingot: but natives always say yes as "i do not mind"
wingotcsc`: Oh, I've got 3 other configs that I can and am looking at
Not particularly helping
csc`Vardyr, theres also a problem with WINE, if you know anything about that
wingotrixxon: natives = americans?
rixxonenglish speakers
wingotI love the "yeah, sure" expression :P
Vardyrrixxon: I always have to say "no, I don't mind at all" to clarify, because it seems either way, someone will eventually get confused
wingotDo you mind? Yeah, sure, i'll help you
Vardyrcsc`: I don't use wine
rixxonVardyr: hehe
wingotI tend to use "nope, whats up?"
Vardyrcsc`: stop all dbus things
csc`and how might i do that
VardyrI worded that horribly
the daemon
then killall dbus-daemon just to be sure
mucknertcsc`: By reading the manual and then /etc/rc.d/dbus stop
netdaemonhotkey-setup works for media buttons too...but not my fn keys =|
actioncsc` snarls at mucknert
csc`snarls at mucknert
Vardyrhaha, we've been through this once already, right csc`? :-P
(what mucknert said)

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