#archlinux - Mon 14 May 2007 between 00:00 and 00:25

lilltigerwingot_: run an memcheck, that will the the whole day :)
netdaemondepends on how many passes :P
lilltigermemcheck86 compleat :)
quite a useless thing when one thinks about it.. costs more to run it then to exchange the memory =D
wingot_lilltiger: zsh: command not found: memcheck
Tidoanyone know how to get your wifi switch/light working? I've given the forums a good search but haven't found anything yet
wingot_lilltiger: zsh: command not found: memcheck86
Tidointel ipw2200 btw
wingot_Tido: Umm, the switch?
the little button that turns the wifi hardware on and off
wingot_Kind of an ugly topic :P
Tidoit works, just doesn't turn on/off the led
wingot_Ohh, it's only the light?
wingot_Tido: Probably what I would recommend would be to google for your laptop model with the issue
It won't be an arch specific thing
lilltiger: However, when they asked me what I was doing, I could have said "Oh, I'm just reindexing the memory, looking for bad sectors."
Given that part of my current work is related to relational DBMS's, it'd work :P
kybernetikokay, so, i have 2 sata and 2 ide drives, and i just rebooted my computer and i can't boot
i know it's because the drive letters aren't consistent
and adding a fourth drive messed up my uuids or something, because it won't boot
wingot_kybernetik: So remove the fourth drive and go in and fix it?
Or use the cd to boot into the system?
*and fix it
kybernetikbut i don't know how to figure out the node of the new drive
in the past i'd just guess until i got it
and not reboot.. for a while
wingot_You just added one of the sata's?
Well, has the drive been formatted/have content? If not, then mount, and when one fails, that's it ;). If it does have content, look for the content ;)
kybernetik3 have an OS, the fourth doesn't
i think the one i just plugged in has OS X on it
wingot_With teh hfs?
kybernetikthing is, when i boot my live cd, /dev/sdb2 is always my arch drive
it never changed
but when i boot arch, it's different
wingot_Hmm, ok
Umm, wierd
What livecd?

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