#archlinux - Sat 12 May 2007 between 00:03 and 00:40

blamelessi really miss pf on the server
WillySillyhey cactus
netdaemonhello thar
netdaemoni am in need of an arch cd badly...i can't take this anymore @_@
cactusthere is a place that has such things.
i believe it combines the magical powers of the internet..with something called a 'store'.
netdaemon*if* you have bandwidth ;)
ah i see
but i'll be gone from here by the time it gets here...to a place that has my cds
netdaemonget rid of this...retchid ubuntu dapper drake...previously windows xp professional....
netdaemon is a tad impatient >_>
darwethI hate Linux.
netdaemonLinux hates you ;)
darwethJK :)
bknitramThen why are you in a Linux channel?
actionbknitram hates linux when it does things he doesn't like... like destroy pacman...
bknitramhates linux when it does things he doesn't like... like destroy pacman...
darwethI hate Adobe Flash and its pathetic performance on Linux. I hate web sites that think Flash has a place in web publishing. I hate web designers who use flash and do not test it properly (like on Linux systems)
netdaemonpacman was destroyed?
darwethFlash is really making browsing the WWW painful for me.
It is like a Windows box is friggin required to surf the web these days.
bknitramI was installing from gnome-terminal and X crashed... (maybe I shouldn't use Beryl...)
netdaemonthats funny, since linux runs ~80-90% of web servers
bknitramAnd pacman binaries were not on my system...
darwethnetdaemon: I said surf the web, not serve the web.
bknitramIt has since been fixed...
netdaemonwhat good would pacman binaries do if pacman dosn't work in the first place ;)
darweth: ironic isn't it?
Slashbunnyhrm, just upgraded to pacman3- error: could not open file /var/lib/pacman/current//mdadm-2.6.1-1/desc: No such file or directory
bknitramX doesn't work... It crashed...
cactusi detect sarcasm!
darwethnetdaemon: Yes. I will give you an example of Flash suckage on Linux.
netdaemondarweth: i have to go through some trickery to get flash to work on here in the first place :P
flash is evil enough for not being 64 bit

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