#archlinux - Tue 1 May 2007 between 08:15 and 09:06

Shirakawasunaooh, pacman3 is fast
lydgateit's a pretty clean file just you can't hear it and there's a lot of noise
so i kind of deleted the big pops at the beginning and the end where there's no speech
what's the best approach after that?
i've tried normalize -> sound removal -> amplify
is that procedure basically correct?
bennythere are tutorials on that kind of stuff, I also just followed one when I needed that
pehisn't it ironic that the gentoo-logo is essentially an inverted pacman? :P
minus hyphen. whatever
I just read http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/TheArchWay
and now I like arch about ten thousand times more :D
(dumped gentoo from my main machine yesterday and installed arch onto it!)
pehgood for you, DenisG
Hey, what's a good gnutella client?
EdwardXXIVben_m: ever tried frostwire?
it's a bit of a monster though
Rehto_doesn't it use java?
EdwardXXIVyes, unfortunately...
rather bloated
ShirakawasunaDenisG: and soon you will be blessed with pacman 3!
ben_mThe java ones (frost/lime-wire) don't work :(
I'm using gtk-gnutella atm, but it's sloooow.
tomkxben_m - what's the problem with frostwire?
XilonGnutella in general is slow :P
blokkiecan't amule go on gnutella network ?
|zeus|blokkie: use mldonkey
mucknertblokkie: No, because it is an entirely different thing.
Xilonmeh, just use BT
There are no G2 clients on linux, so the only good networks left are BT nd DC
DenisGShirakawasuna: don't know. pacman seems simple enough for me.
(as it is now)
ShirakawasunaDenisG: the most noticeable thing is that it's faster
Rehto_there's also kmldonkey
DenisGheh. How's THAT possible!?
Shirakawasunano more runnign pacman -Ss <whatev> and checking your email while it figures out what to do ;)

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