#archlinux - Mon 9 Apr 2007 between 02:31 and 02:43

lilltigern0yd: yhee, pletiers can do wonder.. if one can transport the heat away from it :)
n0ydlilltiger, im not talking -40c on peltier
-40c on phase change
unix_infidel_lol, -40C
n0ydunix_infidel_, the guys with triple stage reach like -120c
Its rediculous
Almost as cold as ln2
lilltigern0yd: ohh nice *reading about it*
unix_infidel_n0yd: could go a long way in helping cool my 80F computer room :P
darwethHello Arch-heads. I have a quick question. I am not sure if this is a Beryl thing (can't remember what Ubuntu GNOME was like pre-Beryl) or an Ubuntu GNOME thing. When I used to right-click in Ubuntu, there was a context menu option like "move to viewport right, etc." No such options in Arch GNOME + Beryl.
Any idea how to add that sweeeeeeet functionality?
lilltiger*getting old* it's like 4-5 years ago i was deep inte overclocking
n0ydOne of my friends down in Jersey does OC competitions at computing events, he makes his own DICE/LN2 pots.
Pretty sick
pics ^^
lilltigern0yd: almost as fast as my puter.. P3 866@910 =D
He got a 100%+ OC on a E6400, if you look at the screenshot in that thread.
He did at one own a record for that chip, not sure if he still does...
one time*
ootputhave any of you seen 300?
is it worth going to the cinemas for?
n0ydScrew 300, go seen grindhouse
ootputwhat genre is that?
lilltigerdownload you mean? =P
n0ydIt's a tarentino (sp?) film man, it rocks.
lilltigercinema is for social people
n0yd: better then Kill Bill?
n0ydIt's kind of like sin city, but better.
And its 2 movies in one
lilltigerhmm might be worth the time it takes to download then.. Kill Bill wasent.. waste of bandwidth :)
darwethI am interested in seeing Grindhouse, but I will probably wait for the Digital Video Disc.
n0ydreview > http://www.aintitcool.com/node/32030

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