#archlinux - Sun 8 Apr 2007 between 00:02 and 00:37

Chocobohmm, forcing myself to learn screen and irssi. Interesting :)
it seems neat so far.
lots of commands to remember though :/
esehit *is* neat :P
JesseMalthusnot really
just use /help and ^A-?
Chocoboso when I am done here and quit irssi, do I do a C-a D D? or a C-a C-k?
lilltigerAnyone expirienced with creation of install cd's to arch (remastering of the 0.8 cd)
agentx0rok... i have a package that has already been downloaded, but it's corrupted, thus none of the other packages can be installed since that one is screwed, can i delete this package from somewhere so the others will install?
that is
agentx0rwell i dont want to have to d/l eveything again... i just deleted the info from /var/lib/pacman/<screweduppkg>
i may have to just redownload that package
i think it had data from multiple mirrors that weren't up to date
deleting it seems to have done the job
WillySillyGaim Renamed Now Pidgin IM
WillySilly: hi!
hi JesseMalthus
WillySillyhow goes it?
JesseMalthusoh, fine
my ole 0.7.2 install is in the process of keeling over
so I'm going to be reinstalling here shortly
WillySillysounds like fun :P
I am trying to sell some computer parts on craigslist, with no luck
[H]3b0Rwhen will pacman appear in current?
JesseMalthusis it bad to not use reiserfs because hans is a murderer?
someone was asking me about glxgears recently
why he/she gets low results but everything works quickly
the answer seems to be, VSYNC!
WillySillyJesseMalthus: a suspected murderer
JesseMalthusWillySilly: we all know he did it
is it too much to ask for ZFS on linux?
blamelessi've yet to see why i would need zfs
elasticdogthey changed the name of Gaim to Pidgin?!?

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