#archlinux - Tue 3 Apr 2007 between 00:00 and 01:24

idioteque123i checked that link yesterday
and it was still to the last release
ohtodd, i read the whole thing yesterday, the updated one
anyway, its all good now
good song btw
my partner is a radiohead nut
phrikNew Packages Released: archpkgs: libzrtpcpp 0.9.0-1
quad3dsack of shit
mrhacimi'm thinking of switching to arch, is it easy to mount ntfs drives and read windows network drives?
IamEthosI'm getting an error that "on_ac_power exists in the filesystem" when i try to install apmd
phrikNew Packages Released: archpkgs: zsnes 1.51-2 || libfwbuilder 2.1.10-1 || fwbuilder 2.1.10-1 || zim 0.19-1
wingotWhere is the config file that says what my default editor is?
I checked rc.conf and it's not in there
wingotIt's currently set to vim, and I can't stand vim :P
Volkodav2 defauld ones are nano and vi
on base install
wingotYeah, I know
I want to change it to emacs :P
Volkodavso install it
wingotI have
Leif-somebody knows the url of one of the guys on this channel with funny cat pictures ?
wingotAnd now I need the config file which says what the default editor is, so I can change it from vim
And grepping all the files in /etc for vim comes up blank
_piSo guys how come the main extra mirror sucks so bad?
Leif-phrik you are gay
phrikLeif-: NO, YOU are gay
Volkodavtrain emacs instead
wingotWhat do you mean by that?
Volkodavfor extensions and all
wingotVolkodav: Do you have any idea what I have been asking?
Volkodavyeah - looking for config file that does not exist
wingotA config file that does what?

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