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swinchen60 Hz makes me homicidal.
MrElendigsince you don't have the motor drive, and expencive film like you used to
bsaya, I'm getting bigger numbers for what the human can perceive
I guess I remembered the 15 number because thats when things
freeriseswinchen: lol...yes
bsastart smoothing out
MrElendigthe reason they use 24, is becuase it's good quality/price when recoding on film
For some reason this torrent isn't going.
And I get this error in the console window.
Could not stat '/mnt/shared/Video/(B-A) Excel Saga/(B-A)Excel_Saga_-_01_(52FE3AE7).mkv'
But I can stat from console.
MrElendigHigher frame rates such as 1080p50 and 1080p60 are foreseen as the future broadcasting standard for production.
swinchenI have only seen HDTV at BestBuy. :/
MrElendigyay exel sga :D
AndaresMrElendig, it's not going though. :(
MrElendigAndares: what client?
/dev/sda3 413G 129M 392G 1% /mnt/shared
Yeaaaaaaah let's hear it for a new hard drive! WOO.
MrElendigi was just going to suggest that...
vininimhuge hd is huge
AndaresMrElendig, hehehe.
Calebanyone ever streamed using a minidv camera
shastryok, so.. editing dhclient.conf solved my problem
Andaresvininim, mine's 500gb.
transgressis the gnome-main-menu program available in arch? it's the menu that opensuse came up with for gnome?
AndaresI got it for $170.
MrElendig/dev/mapper/vg1-lv1 746G 746G 528M 100% /home
vininimexpensive hd is expensive
AndaresI surrender MrElendig.
actionAndares waves white flag of failure.
Andareswaves white flag of failure.
MrElendigI got 2 x 500 gb discks in the mail too
hopefully atleast
AndaresMrElendig, what are you storing? The human genome? :p
swinchenAndares, is it one of those sweet Western Digital RE2 drives with 16 MB cache?
vininimall the internet pr0n

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