#archlinux - Tue 24 Apr 2007 between 00:00 and 00:07

fivrewhat the hell?
chown: changing ownership of `/mnt/flash/': Operation not permitted
turks`what the hell what
bk123456turks, Yes
grtesudo make me a sandwich.
turks`sudo make sandwich install :o
fivrewhy won't this thing let me chown my flash drive?
turks`fivre because your flash drive is deemed gay by arch
and it wont mess with it :p
bk123456fivre: Are you trying to chown every file on your flash drive?
rhysill never use a distro in which root cant kill my system
esdrasbelezabanshee can't play mp3 files here. it shows "(no codec)" besides song title... what is this? :(
fivrerhys: is there any such distro?
turks`esdrasbeleza mp3s are LAME :(
fivreturks`: tell that to the 3billion things that use them
turks`fivre, LAME mp3's, LAME encoding engine, :P
fivrethe 3 sites that use ogg exclusively will rejoice
turks`get it now lol?
fivreyes, I know
but that's a terrible pun
fivrebknitram: do you know why I can't chown it?
terrible puns make baby tux cry
turks`haylo codemac
fivre wheres baby tux?
bknitramfivre: Are you trying to chown the /dev/* file, the location that it is mounted, or its contents
fivrethe location it's mounted on
it works for everything else I mount :|
esdrasbelezahmm... is arch's banshee compiled without mp3 support?
turks`there goes turks
feel sorry for that fellow
actioniamsthitha takes his hat off and mourns
iamsthithatakes his hat off and mourns
actionturks` throws a sock at iamsthitha
turks`throws a sock at iamsthitha
he wanted you to have it

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