#archlinux - Mon 23 Apr 2007 between 00:00 and 00:06

archfan74she like ubuntu its her speed and i can run arch with out her haveing to sort thrugh grubmenus
Turksone word
well, it isnt one word, but i made it one :P
Turksim glad the 'current' repos are small
atleast, small compared to extra
thedonvaughnhey, as far as my understanding ATI drivers will not work with xorg 7.2 am I correct? (atleast with DRI). Can I downgrade to 7.1 on arch 0.8 using pacman?
lilltigerarchfan74: I think you need the have a looooog talk with her.. bah liking ubuntu.. what kinda girl is that!
wide-eyearchfan74: kqemu or kvm will help speed up qemu a lot
thedonvaughnjust got this pc from a friend and want to slap on arch64
archfan74i will when i can aford anouther machine but till then :)
Turksthedonvaughn ATi is shit on any platform because nobody can be arsed to write proper drivers
thedonvaughnturks - that's good and well but doesn't anwser my question.
i know ati is shite
Turksati itself isnt shit
its support and programmers are
and im not sure if you can downgrade
wide-eyethedonvaughn: fglrx "works" with 7.2
actionwingot is getting a free Nvidia 7600GT sometime over the next week :)
wingotis getting a free Nvidia 7600GT sometime over the next week :)
Replacing the ATi X800XL
LSD`ATi cards/drivers haven't given me a shred of trouble in all the time I've been using them (nearly 5 years) :)
TurksLSD`, try playing a gl fullscreen game :P
or anything 3d
wingotLSD`: Same here, except for LG
thedonvaughnLSD` wide-eye so am i incorrect? DRI and opengl will work on 7.2 with fglrx?
wingotWorks fine for desktop use
Turksyeah, cept for that odd flash screen of 'burn in'
LSD`turks: I do that all the time
wingotLSD`: Nice work
TurksVideo Card: ATi Radeon 9550
ive got a slightly different card in my laptop (arch box)
wingotOhh, right
Turksid be willing to bet that if ATi had better drivers, it would blow nVidia back into its box
wingotturks: Yeah, I'd agree with you
wide-eyethedonvaughn: opengl works fine, xv not so great

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