#archlinux - Sun 22 Apr 2007 between 23:15 and 23:20

wingotNo way :P
fivrewell, in irssi, _word_ does it
fivre*bold* does the same thing with bold
grtectrl+u just deletes the line, here.
wingotfivre: Course, if you want games, you can't go past the Mac, http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=2282754844569110939
wide-eyexchat doesn't do those tricks with output
fivrewingot: what?
Turksinteresting question, if i install say, a base copy of voodoo, does it overwrite my home directories?
fivreI don't have flash yet
wingotNeither in irssi it seems
fivre: Dude :(
wide-eyebase copy?
Turksbase iso
grteturks: If it's all one partition, yes.
fivrenor do I have the bandwidhth to download flvs
wingotturks: Not if you don't tell it to :)
But yeah, on one partition, you reformat the partition, and bang, gone
grteIf you set up home as a seperate partition, it can or wont, ad your discretion.
fivrenot if you tell it not to create a filesystem it shouldn't
archfan74in qemu do i need to boot the kernel directly or let grub do it for me
Turksbasicly, if i dont fuck with the partitions or autopartition it, no harm will come of my files?
wide-eyeturks: if you skip the format and fdisk steps, and pray it could be ok
grteAnd you really should have home set up as a seperate partition.
wingotturks: Don't forget the praying
Turkswell in that case ill just upload them
..after i get an ftp server working....
fivreis it possible to set up both /home and /usr on a partition?
wingotfivre: Check it out on someone elses then later :P
fivre: Yeah
wide-eyeprobably be ok, but i'm not going to bet on it
wingotfivre: Umm, actually, on the same partition?
fivreyeah... I'm thinking

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