#archlinux - Fri 20 Apr 2007 between 00:00 and 00:08

Kyralyou could do the same thing with cut -d ' ' -f 2 right?
actionwingot would prefer awk way, it's more readable :P
wingotwould prefer awk way, it's more readable :P
KyralThis is why I never bothered with Awk after I learned how to use cut :P
wingotKyral: You need the Orielly book awk & sed ;)
KyralActually I do
my sed fu is weak
Ooooh look what I found earlier today
rixxonmine too, can be done with sed but i always confuse myself
rixxonwingot: as in kung fu, etc
wingotKyral: seen it :P
Well then...
Also handy is http://www.student.northpark.edu/pemente/sed/sed1line.txt :P
Umm, sorry
actionwingot fails at selecting text
wingotfails at selecting text
On my systems I use a wierd combo of Shell Scripts and Ruby scripts as my SysAdmin scripting
KyralQuite proud of a Ruby script I wrote to automatically resize images that are greater than 1024x768 to that recursively in a directory tree
wingotShell scripts + Lots and lots of Perl scripts
Kyral: Cool
KyralImproved it later by adding a log file
actionwingot wants a script that resizes big arse images into nice little thumbnails
wingotwants a script that resizes big arse images into nice little thumbnails
KyralYou can probably modify mine to do it
wingotI know it can be done easily in Perl with ImageMagick
wingotBut need to get around to it :P
It's for a client too
Aren't you in the shower? ;)
Kyralmine uses the Ruby binding to ImageMagick
I was :P
wingot: Your point? My stuff is GPL

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